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Transform your SACCO

Focus on running and expanding your SACCO. Let fibo360 SACCO Management Software take care of financial administration. Fibo360 is a complete accounting solution that beats your current system.

fibo360 SACCO Management System
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Members' Portals & Apps

Serve your members remotely. Your members now have real-time access to the information. No more long queues at your office.

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Alerts, reminders & notifications

We believe that communication and transparency are key ingredients in every SACCO's success. Keep your members updated through SMS, E-mail and portal notifications.

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Standard Accounting Principles
Our SACCO Management Software employs industry standard accounting principles.

No Installation Needed.
Utilize the power of the cloud. Our platform runs entirely in the browser so that you can lend from anywhere.

Fibo360 uses strong encryption algorithm to encrypt your data.

Mpesa service integration
Fibo360 SACCO Management Software Integrates seamlessly with Mpesa to allow for mobile payments and disbursements. Both C2B & B2C are supported. You will no longer have to post transactions mannually again.

Bulk SMS & Email Notifications
We understand that communication is at the center of every successful SACCO in Kenya. Fibo360 SACCO Management SYSTEM is fully equiped with a bulk SMS module  and email module. Your SACCO members don't need to miss a reminder or a thank you message form your SACCO anymore.

SASRA Reports
Compliance is key to any SACCO's success. Fibo360 SACCO Management Software is fully equipped with SASRA reports.

Support For Multiple Branches
Opening a new branch for your SACCO or Microfinance is very easy in Fibo360. The system supports multiple branch architecture.

Unlimited users
Add as many users as you have. No limitations on the number of users who can use the system.

Users' Roles and Permissions
Our SACCO Management System allows you to set up roles as defined by the SACCO. For example you can have Tellers, Loan Officers, Branch Managers etc. This feature allows to group user into specific roles.

CRB Integration
Fibo360 SACCO Management system integrates well with Metropol CRB API.

Unlimited number of loan products
Our SACCO Management System allows you to set up unlimted number of loan products. Each with it's own specific terms.

Self-service Portals
Our SACCO Management software has a simple to use self service portal for your members.

Budgeting & Planning
It easy to create your SACCO's budget in fibo360. The system makes it easy to set up budgets and generate your budget vs actual reports.

Members' accounts.
Our SACCO Management system makes the process of creating members' accounts very easy. Open Savings/Deposits, shares ad other types of accounts for your members in simple steps.

Loans Management
All loan activities can easily be performed and tracked on Fibo360. Loan applications, approval, amortization, processing, disbursement, repayment, rescheduling, carry-over, penalties, waiver and write-off can be performed with much ease in fibo360

Our SACCO Management system accounts for each and every income transaction. Incomes from loan interest, loan penalties, loan fees e.t.c can be managed with much ease.

Keeping truck of your SACCO's expenses has never been this easy. Our SACCO management system makes it easy to receive bills and pay bills.

Our SACCO Management Software makes it easy to manage your vendors/suppliers. You have people or companies that offer your SACCO various services, this is the right platform to manage them.

Financial Reports & Statements
Our SACCO Management Software helps you generate your financial reports/statements in simple clicks. Get your Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, General Ledger & Cash Book in one place.

Members' Statements
Using our SACCO Management Software makes it easy to manage & generate your members' statements. Account statements, General Statements, Loan Statements e.t.c

Loan Reports
Various loan reports can be extracted using our platform. Loan Balances, Active Loans, Defaulted Loans, Due Loans, Aging Analysis and Loan Portfolio are among the many reports that can be extracted.

Audit Trail
Our SACCO Management Software tracks each activity performed by user and stores them in a read-only format. Get to know who performed which action at any given time.

Members Master File
Keep track of your SACCO's members with fibo360. The system helps you to categorize members into active, dormant, deceased, withdrawn and suspended statuses.

Member Groups
With our SACCO Management Software, members can be put into individual groups. This becomes handy for SACCOs that serve members in Groups. E.g members of a given self-help-group can join a SACCO.

Why fibo360 stands out.

Customer Support.

We understand that any successful software deployment needs reliable, real time support. Our support staff is always available.

Fully Customizable.

We understand that the lending industry is very dynamic. The platform was built with this in mind.

Continuous Innovation

We continue to innovate and improve the platform to server our clients even better.

SACCO Resources

Learn about SASRA – the regulatory body charged with regulating deposit‑taking Sacco Societies (Savings and Credit Cooperatives Societies) in Kenya.